McAfee Vs Avast- Which one is Better-

You are reading this post means you are a computer or mobile user who uses technology to search and gain the knowledge about things, getting the best in the market and protecting your devices from any malicious threats and potential thefts. You know well that a virus or malware attack on your computer can result in a system crash, lagged performance or even personal identity theft. A good antivirus program can protect your PC or mobile device (McAfee and Avast both provide mobile versions) from spyware, malware, and even from Trojan virus attacks and make your device run smoothly. But, in the end, you have to choose only one antivirus utility for your PC and/or mobile. Check here the comparison of McAfee Vs Avast and decide which is better Avast or McAfee for your needs.


Based on the Anti-Virus tests, we have analyzed that Avast has a better performance score than other standard computer security tools including McAfee. It is an easy-to-use software which provides excellent security while working online. Some of the protection features of Avast are file sharing protection, safe browsing mode, spam filters, game mode, and firewall.


If you want a security software which protects you against the theft of personal identity and keeps you safe from potential attacks, then McAfee is a good option. You need to get a single license only to protect all your devices. Some of the protection and usability features of McAfee are options for profile configuration, protection against phishing, and parental controls.

McAfee Versus Avast

Many users still ask that is McAfee is better than Avast or which one they should choose to protect their system. If you are also one among them, then the below table will help you to get the better idea about them both and see their intuitive features.



Solid protection against attacks

Better performer in AV test

One license for multiple devices

Social media protection for unsafe links

Good in usability and protection

Excellent for online users

Chat support

Instant chat and messaging, Email support

Parental control

Safe reboot/ Rescue



Under 1000 rank in Alexa

No Alexa rank for the site

Phishing protection

Safe zone for secure banking

Update requires a restart

Updates may occur at time when you need full bandwidth

30-day free trial

60-day free trial

McAfee Vs Avast: Which one is Better?

It is a fact that no antivirus program can give a 100% protection against all types of threats. If any PC security claims this, then it might be in the effect of election time and not telling you the truth. Even if you get the best protection software in the market whether it is McAfee or Avast or anything else, it can give you at most up to means close to 100% protection, but not total 100%. A report shows that every day, there are over 30-thousand malware and viruses roam on the web and look for a week security system to attack. This means the best antivirus cannot protect you against the 30 of them. But it is even worse if your PC is attacked by all of the malware in a day. So, a good antivirus program whether it is McAfee or Avast can keep your system protected almost all the time.

When making the comparison of both, we have seen that Avast has better performed than McAfee in the Anti-Virus testing. Both shares some common and good features and are matching closely with each other. Avast is a little bit more expensive than McAfee, but in terms of performance, we have to admit that Avast is better than McAfee.

McAfee Vs Avast: Which one is Better?

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