How to solve windows 10 headphones not working problem

Friends, as we all know that Windows 10 is one of the best operating system invented and millions of users are using this window. But not everything is perfect so that the issue can happen with anything. One of the issues occurs Window 10 headphones not working. There are different reasons of headset not working window 10; you should find the perfect reason so you can correct it well. If your computer is not recognizing headphones, then you must try this solution here, to resolve it. As we said that there are different reasons of Window 10 headphones not working, so we all know that we can connect headphone with two types of jack normal jack and USB jack. You should first confirm that both the jack is working or not. If a front audio jack is not working then try it on USB but also if USB headphones are not working, then we find some solutions for you and those are below.

Solution 1

  • The first solution you should try is, choose your headphones as your standard or default device. When we plug the headphone into the jack, it shows you the different option of using like speaker or headphone. But it never happen automatically; you have to select your headphone as your manual device to resolve the problem of computer not recognizing headphones. Here are the steps to set your headphones as your default device.
  • Press both keys at same time window+X.
  • Then select the option given there “Control Panel.”
  • Then you will get to see the different categories there, like system & security, User Accounts, Network & Internet, Appearance & Personalization and Hardware & Sound. To fix this issue, you have to go through the option of “Hardware and Sound.”
  • Now the next menu will appear with the options of Device & Printers, AutoPlay, Sound, Power Options, and Display. To fix headset not working window 10, click on the option of “Sound.”
  • Then, in the option of ‘Sound,’ you will see- Select a playback device below then click on the option of “Headphones,” then below in the right corner choose it as “Default.”
  • We got to see that on some PCs or Laptops there is no single option of Headphones, so in that case, you choose the option of “Speaker/Headphones” this may help you to resolve your issue of front audio jack not working or USB headphones not working.

Solution 2

You can use the Troubleshooting tool in Windows 10 to solve this problem. Many users believe in this tool because it is easy and effective. Troubleshooting has the ability to solve common issues in windows 10, such as this type of issue. Even computer experts also recommend using this tool before trying any other solutions. To use troubleshooting tool, try these steps:

  • Click on window key and search Find and Fix Audio.
  • Then select the option of find and fix audio issue, then click Next.
  • Then choose the device or driver you want to troubleshoot, like in the can of resolving headset not working window 10, select “Headphones” and proceed.
  • Wait for few minutes until troubleshooting finds all the problems in your computer.
  • After few minutes when troubleshooting is done, a page will appear with showing all the issues on your PC and also list the changes made in the process of troubleshooting.

Solution 3

  • The third option is, go to your desktop and right-click on the “My Computer” and from all option choose the last one “Properties.”
  • When you open the tab “Properties,” then you will be able to see the left section “Device Manager” option. Select it.
  • Now it will show you the list in which you have to select the option “High Definition Audio Device,” right-click on it and select its properties.
  • Now the menu will occur on the screen with the section of General, Driver, Detail and Events.
  • Choose the section of “Driver” and then click on “Update Driver”.
  • Then the next screen will appear with the question “How do you want to search for driver software?” you have to choose “Browse my computer for driver software.
  • Then the next option about “Browse you driver software on your computer” choose below option “Let me pick a list of the driver.” Click on Next.
  • Then a warning signal will appear press “yes” on it.
  • After when all this process will be done restart your PC and done.

Solution 4

Window 10 headphones are not working! You can change your PC sound system. This reason found mainly for this types cause so guys if your manual format is not set correctly then you have to make it correct by following these steps:

  • Open your taskbar, and then right-click on the icon of a speaker and then get back to Playback device.
  • Then start the playback device.
  • Choose the option Advance tab.
  • Now a screen will appear with the different sound format, before changing format play any music on your device.

Solution 5

The last solution you can try with the issue of headphones is you can check that your audio driver is up to the date or not. You can try this easy method of updating the sound driver to resolve this problem. Because most of the time we got see that outdated drivers created some problems and speaker problem is one of them. So for updating your audio driver go to the “Device Manager” find your audio driver and also check that it is updated or not. If it is not then must update it.

Final Verdict

So, guys, these solutions might resolve the issue of the computer not recognizing headphones. Anyone one of this must be helpful for you. Hope you liked the above article and we hope that it must be helpful for you. Thank you for visiting this blog and keep visiting for knowing about other PC solution visit our homepage or for any query give us feedback in the comment section.

How to Solve Windows 10 Headphones not Working Problem

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