How to Clean Dyson Vacuum

One of the most essential tools for a home or office is a Dustbuster. After all, it cleans the surface area of our home and office and keep them hygiene to live and gives them a clean & beautiful look. Dyson is my favorite vacuum cleaning brand, and so obviously I have a unit of Dyson vacuum cleaner at my home and office, obviously, separate for both. So today I will explain to you how to clean Dyson vacuum at home without the need of any expert. Let’s check it below.

First of all, gather these below tools and accessories for cleaning the Dyson vacuum:

  • A paper towel or dish soap
  • Water
  • Air compressor
  • Knife or Scissor
  • Screwdriver with a flat head

Now follow the below simple steps to clean your Dyson vacuum at home.

  • First, empty the canister and remove the outer shell.
  • Remove the foam filter from the vacuum bottom. Remove the roller cover with the help of a screwdriver. Use scissor to remove any hair like thing trapped on the roller.
  • Remove the dust from the cyclone parts using an air compressor.
  • After doing this, blow out the remained trapped dust from the unseen parts of the vacuum. Now put the roller back on the Dyson vacuum.
  • Use the air compressor to clean the canister section of the vacuum. Use the water to clean the sponge filter. Squeeze it until all the remaining water comes out.
  • Use dish soap and water to clean the canister. Wipe off the cyclone section by using the paper towel. Make sure that no hole is remained unclear.
  • Wait for at least a day to completely dry out all the parts of the vacuum which you have cleaned with water. If any moisture or wet part remains in the canister or cyclone part, then it will make it harder to emptying the canister.

Note: Don’t run the water directly over the cyclone section.

I will suggest that you should deep clean your Dyson vacuum every two to three months. It will make your Dyson vacuum more durable and help you to clean your carpet and other surfaces with ease and little efforts. To get proper cleaning, remember to remove all clogs from the cyclone part. It will make the cleaning task easier with a maximum amount of suction.

How to Clean Dyson Vacuum – Complete Guide

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