The Pomeranian Husky is one of the most popular dog breeds of Pomsky Puppies. The breed is new but soon became popular among the dog lovers all over the world. And you may wonder that the dog breed which is not natural suffers some health issues. But, as it is the real and alive thing as all the other species, some health issues may occur with it. Most of the issues mentioned below can become a concern in later stages.

Check the list of the health issues of Pomsky Puppies below:

Heart Problems

For a Pomeranian puppy, this problem is not fatal most often. But it surely needs to be treated with some medication. The main concerns in such type of issues are enlarging heart and heart murmurs.

Collapsed Trachea

Many of the small breeds of Pomsky Puppies suffer from this condition. When your Pomeranian Husky is continuously coughing for some time while it gets excited, then it is the symptom of Collapsed Trachea.


If your Pomsky Puppy is suffering from hair loss for a continuous period, then it may be affected by Thyroid.

Patella Luxation

Do you have ever noticed that your Pomsky is lifting its back leg after every few steps? This may happen if it has a back pain due to the misplacement going on in its knee cap. There are different levels of Patella Luxation, so it is advisable that you get a second opinion before deciding on a surgery.

One of my friend’s small Pomeranian died in the hospital while removing his cast after surgery. They got different opinions on why this happened and cannot come to a decision, but the weighted argue he was too young to make a surgery on him. So, it is better to refer a couple of vets before the surgery.

Bad Teeth

There are quite a few times when a Pomeranian has its baby teeth remained. You need to visit the vet regularly for cleaning or extracting them. If your puppy is too small, then avoid such conditions unless if its gets necessary.

There are also other health problems like Alopecia X and BSD Disease, Seizures, Liver Shunts, Ear Infections, Giardia/Coccidiosis, etc. can happen to a Pomeranian Husky Puppy. As we have not found any sufficient evidence of the chronic problems of the health issues mentioned above with a Pomeranian Husky, but the list will give the Pomsky Puppies owners especially in Virginia provide an idea of looking out their beloved pet’s health.

Common Health Issues of Pomeranian Husky

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