You know what is a wireless network, right? And most probably, you may also know its advantages too. One of the most significant benefits of a wireless network is, it provides portability in your office or home. You can take your WiFi enabled device at any place you want within its range. It is ideal for desktop PCs, as you do not need to stick at the corner of your study or work room because of using an Ethernet connection for the internet.

But, due to some reasons you are not able to use it for your desktop PCs. One of the most common reasons examined by myself is the lack knowledge of available methods of setting a wireless network which is easy to apply as well as affordable. So, today I am telling you how to add a wireless network to PC in your home or office.

The most shared and easy method – Use a USB WiFi Adapter

This is as simple as plugging your flash drive into your PC. A USB WiFi Adapter can plug into your PC’s USB ports, and they start working at the moment. Only for the first time, you need to install plugins which are included in its driver CD, or you can download from their respective Websites.

You can get best USB Wireless Adapters for your PC available online and offline. The WiFi adapter comes with plug-n-play functionality, so if you do not want to use it, you can just remove them from your PC and can use with another computer. Amazingly portable!

If you buy a USB hub, you can also extend the range of your USB WiFi adapter. The USB WiFi adapter comes at an affordable price, too. Which is also a reason for making them very popular for adding wireless functionality to your PC.

Get a WiFi card

This is also a traditional method of getting a WiFi network for your desktop PC. If you want a better connection for longer distances and throughput, then the USB WiFi card is s good option to choose. You will get spatial multiplexing on MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) in your router and card. It is also useful if you have a limited number of USB ports on your PC.

Buy a new WiFi-enabled motherboard

If you do not want to use your USB ports, then you can purchase a brand new WiFi-enabled motherboard for your PC. If you are upgrading your PC, then also you should go for it. They do not boost the WiFi performance as done by the USB WiFi adapters and PCI cards but adds the inbuilt functionality of using WiFi on your PC.


The laptops come with an inbuilt WiFi set-up, and you can connect them with available wireless networks. But the Desktop PCs need to have some added functionality for having a wireless network. The above techniques are easily available and not breaking your pockets. Use them and get a wireless connection for your desktop PC to increase its portability as well as your productivity.

How to add a wireless network to PC?

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