All you want to know about Moroccan Argan Oil

Moroccan Argan oil is considered as the most expensive and rarest beauty oil in the world. Being rich with anti-oxidants, fatty acids and vitamin E, the demand for Moroccan oil has grew in countries like Japan, North American and Europe. Most commonly this oil is used on skin, hair and nail but the local people of morocco also use it for improving immune system and warding off many diseases.

All you want to know about Moroccan Argan Oil

What you must know about the Moroccan Argan Oil?

Moroccan Argan Oil is an extract from the kernels of Argania Spinosa, a native plant found in the south-western belt of Morocco. This tree has a life span of 150 years but only bears fruit once it reaches the age of 30 or 50 years. Due to the high demand by the cosmetic companies, many places of Africa and Algeria have started growing Argan trees as the climatic condition is suitable and also the economy is benefited by its business.

The kernel found on this tree is picked by local women who then removes the exterior pulp to get the nuts. These nuts are then sun dried and cracked opened by hand with the help of stones. This method is age old and time consuming yet if you wish to have the best Moroccan oil, try getting the one which is manufactured with these olden technique. The extraction process of argan oil is time consuming that is why it is considered to be the most expensive oils of the world. The oil extraction methods of argan fruit are different as local people use this oil for cooking purpose to. The edible version has qualities of olive oil as it’s not processed. For cosmetic use, argan oil is filtered so it becomes light and non-sticky texture. Authentic Moroccan Oil will hold a nutty smell and won’t feel sticky when applied on skin or hair.

Things to Know Before Picking Argan Oil:

Although Moroccan Argan oil is considered to have medicinal properties which are beneficial to skin, hair, nails and metabolism, it also contains high amount of comodogenic. If the argan oil is adultrated, prolong use of oil on skin will lead to blockage of pores resulting into acne problem. The best way to gain maximum benefits from argan oil is use from the fresh batch. Make sure your oil is stored in dry place away from sun light. Purchase small quantity of Moroccan oil as very less quantity is required on skin and hair. Also, buy the oil which is organic, 100% pure and stored in glass container. Plastic bottle contains chemical that harms the oil in longer period of time.

Moroccan oil is supported by many doctors and skin specialist as it contains nutrients that fight cancer, boost immunity, improves metabolism and improves skin texture. We hope you also enjoy the benefit of the most loved oil of the world. Do check out the list of best Moroccan Argan oil that are available to all at best rates.

All you want to know about Moroccan Argan Oil

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