The Science of White Noise Machine – How It makes You Relax-

Did you ever think about the science of the white noise machine and how it makes you feel relax? A white noise machine generates soothing sound and masks the surround sound that is disturbing you during your sleep or work. A sound created to block the noise, simple! Is it as simple as it looks like? Let’s find out.

The Science of White Noise Machine – How It makes You Relax-

There is definitely a reason behind the white noise machines help you fall and stay asleep for a long time. It’s not just because it masks surround sounds. As a neurologist had explained in a story of ‘Spirit Magazine’, ‘The brain naturally craves sensory input. That is the reason people feel of the place like rainforest where they are not actually present because brain creates its own sensory deprivation.’ When you asleep in a quiet night; a sudden noise like a passing ambulance wakes you up and disturbs you in your sleep. This may affect negatively on your health. At this time, if you use a machine that creates a white noise, gives your brain a tonic signal. This signal dampens your brain’s internal systems.

There are a few types of soothing sound that help you mask disturbing sound and feel relax. But among all, them a white noise and a pink noise are more effective. White noise has the equal energy across all the frequencies, while pink noise is a little bit louder and powerful at the low-frequency sound spectrum. Other types are brown noise, violet noise, and a mess of other colors; the choice can differ from a person to person.


Still, I tend to prefer the fan sound, a white noise machine has another great benefit aside from saving your electricity bill; it is portable! You can take the white noise machine wherever you go; your office, travel, or camping.

Not necessarily the white noise should be created only by a white noise sound machine. A whir of a fan or a purr of your cat can also work as a white noise to tune out your brain system. And, of course, it is not like that everyone needs a white noise. For some people, the effect of a white noise does the exact opposite thing from what it does for other people (Increases the sensitivity to underlying sound). There is definitely a science working behind the effect of a white noise machine that makes you feel relax and take a peaceful sleep with long naps.

The Science of White Noise Machine – How It makes You Relax?

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