How to Become More Productive- (1)

What is the definition of being more productive? Most of the people will answer, ‘Doing More in Less Time’. It is partially true, yes, but if you are doing something less at the same time, then also you can become more productive! Confused? Read the next sentence and your confusion will be gone. Productivity is the way we do our work, not the amount of the work we are doing.

You will see a number of posts, articles and research pages on the web showing different tools, tips, and techniques to use. And most of the time you find it as common sense. Yes, they are most of the common sense tactics, but not everyone implements that and thus it results in a poor or less productivity in their day-to-day tasks. There is no any magic pill which will take away your efforts for the achievement you want, you need to do that on your own. And I am going to tell you 5 easy ways which will give you the answer of “How to Become More Productive?”. Let’s go ahead.

1)    Get Out of Your Own Way

Throw the foolish reasons like “I don’t have the time to do this…or.. I can’t do this because..”. I don’t want to say that every time your such an excuse is wrong, but 80% of the time it is definitely yes. It is a technique to avoid the task that we regularly do. Get out of your own away and start thinking like “Let’s Do it”.

2)    Make Positive Talk with You Every Day

You need to think differently from others to be more productive. Develop a productive and positive mindset by challenging your own thoughts. The way you talk to yourself can make you either feel better or more stressed. Try to be positive as much you can. Think about “what is the best way to some tasks X and Y”, rather than thinking “oh.. I have to do so many tasks, what will I do”. The thinking will be definitely a big part of your productivity percentage.

3)    Use Pomodoro Technique

All the people have time thieves. But most of them couldn’t identify them. The activities which throw you out, distractions during your work, bad habits which make you perform less, such are the examples of time thieves. How to get rid of this? The best way is to use techniques like Pomodoro. In this technique, you need to set a timer for your particular task, and during it, you need to avoid the distractions like replying the messages over your phone, checking emails at random times, and going out for a coffee without any valid reason. This avoidance will definitely help you to improve your productivity.

4)    Make a Full Assessment and Arrange Your Daily Tasks

Prioritizing your day-to-day tasks takes a lot of efforts, especially by the mind. But after you plan everything and set the tasks on the priority basis, you will be a happier person. Making a timetable for managing your tasks will help you split the timings for the tasks on the priority basis. So towards at the end of the day, you will be finished the important tasks and will feel relaxed and can concentrate on doing less important tasks at the day end. This will boost your productivity that you can feel by you own.

5)    Take Breaks

Yes, this is probably the most important tip that should be followed by every person. Tasks like content writing and building strategies for a successful product launch take a lot of mental effort. And everyone knows that our brain can focus for a limited amount of time. So you need to take some breaks in between two complex tasks. The duration of the break depends on the stress you have felt for doing the task and what time you need to get relaxed. But you can make it as short as possible. With a refreshed mind by taking a break, you will be a jolly person to do the next task.

Don’t make your comforts more important than the results. If you do so, you will be among those guys who give up things without knowing that they are just a step behind for getting their desired goal. Meet your objectives and transform your lives. I hope by reading through this article you will get the answer and tricks to become a more productive person at your work or home.

How to Become More Productive?

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